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‘Everything in its Right Place.’ The Theory of Chaos

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

[ Saturn in Pisces 3.7.23 - 2.13.26 ]

'Everything in its Right Place.'

The Theory of Chaos

(cue Radiohead...'everything in its right place')

Time to get serious about Spirituality. But not in a thinking, intellectual kind of way. A deep, walking-the-talk kind of way. Saturn is stepping into Pisces from March 7, 2023, through February 13, 2026. Over the next 3 years, we will be taking what we have come to know and believe about frequency, vibration, healing, and Spirit and weaving it into the nooks-n-crannies of our everyday lives.

All within our experience, that which is separate from our highest spiritual alignment... will become clear, being either integrated or dissolved away as we make room for our inner world to match the outer. In these moments, remembering… ‘Everything in its Right Place’ …will soften the chaos, allowing for our fated evolution to flow, with a conscious mind and open heart.

The energy at hand is a deeply internal one. In a state of grace, we will be brought to where we have held ideals for too long, seen much and many with rose-colored glasses of hope and promise. These will release, BIG TIME. The resources are here for us to surrender and make space for the incoming, concrete high-vibe to form our new, more stable… finally realized, earthly structure.

The Chaos Theory explores the transition between order and disorder AND, disorder always precedes order. Chaos then is a natural next step of falling down that rabbit hole of let-go, into the great unknown, while testing out our tools of relying upon our God…inviting our vibration & frequency to deliver us to precisely where we need to be, far away from ancient karmic storylines & dynamics.

Our Soul knows we are ready. FATE is here to level us up. 3 years of EMBODIED devotion, to become THE Soul Authors of our existence and THE Sovereign Masters of our Chi… in ways, we have only ever dreamed.

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