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We have 4 main bodies we work with here in the physical realm.  They are our:

  • Spiritual

  • Mental

  • Emotional

  • Physical bodies 


Tending to ALL of them is so very important...a necessary energetic hygiene.  Minding all 4 of our bodies is like washing our hands after being out in the yard gardening all day.  Sacred Clearing techniques, when used daily, allows for an awareness, centering and calibration with our current evolutionary point.  Consciously clearing creates the balance we need for WholeSELF stability, now and on our path forward.  


Engaging with our connections in a state of awareness allow us to heal past/current life traumas, close out old dynamics and shift into new elevated states of being.  Sacred Clearing in turn settles our mind, diffuses our emotions or the emotions of others we may be holding, frees our physical body and ignites our greater Spirit, to flow more freely. 





activating SUSHUMNA

(the tube of our central spinal prana, river of life)


1.  Eyes open or closed but in a present state of being.

2.  Claim the space you are in to be a pure, divine, highest resonant healing space.  I like the Elohim.

3. Visualize a wide crystalline tube/Sushumna running through your body, connecting from the Heavens to the center of Earth.  See the tube as strong & as wide as your shoulders (or wider) in all directions, with your spine holding the center space.

4. Call in the Highest Christ Consciousness Energy in the form of any God/LIGHT Source which resonates with you.

5.  Visualize your Energetic/Pranic Field/Aura gently connecting from around your body to the Sushumna running through you.  See the tube as one with ALL of your energy.

6.  Press a 'VACUUM' button, seeing and feeling a flush of light energy moving through the tube from the Heavens to the Earth, through your being.  The momentum cleansing all of your space within.

7.  Press a 'MAGNET' button, intending all of your energy to return to you and intend for ALL those energies attached to you, returning to their home being. 

**Intend for the incoming and outgoing energy as WHOLE, UNDERSTOOD, BALANCED as you watch/feel it return to its own center, its MAKER... in a most empowered, peaceful state of LIGHT.**

8.  Visualize a final VACUUM force of High Energetic Resonance flush thru the Sushumna, spinning as a gentle twister, moving through and anchoring BEYOND your energetic bodies, down into the heart of GAIA.... DISLODGING, SWEEPING, CAPTURING, CLEARING, RELEASING

all final bits of seen or unseen debris which are:

  • outdated

  • imbalanced

  • non-resonant

  • wrong conclusions


9.  Watch the VACUUM energy dissipate.  Be in the solitude for a moment.  Feel your space.

10.  Close out with the HIGHEST HEALING Christ Consciousness Energy pouring in through the top of the Sushumna in an effervescent light, filling up, tonifying and filling all chakras, your pranic field/aura, aligning the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional & Physical bodies in its purest, most current evolutionary space.




Do this process as many times a day as you like.  I find, once you get the process down, you can do this very visualization within minutes.  You may also do this for others near you, those far away, those on TV, a Podcast, your home, your state... you name it.  My intention for this SUSHUMNA Sacred Clearing, especially when doing for others is, not necessarily to "Heal them as I see fit" but to hook them up to their OWN authentic Source connection which will align them with just what they need to balance and find wholeness, in that moment. 


Use this Sacred Clearing when you are feeling mentally unclear, emotionally off balance, Spiritually disconnected or physically uncomfortable....or just to connect with your vaster Self.

Looking for deeper understanding? 

check out 1:1 MENTORING HERE


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