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karma & the art of zen

Updated: Mar 5, 2023




We have begun a journey within like no other. It is now our soul path to visit, BE WITH and deconstruct our ancient karma, in an unobstructed, undistracted, fully present way. I say ancient because every last drop that is arising, is from the depths of our sub-self/consciousness and tapping our eternal vast soul library, exposing the layers of undercurrent which have been informing and coloring every turn of our ride in this lifetime and the many lifetimes that have come before, bringing up for us...

Is THIS really my story? or There IT is AGAIN?!?

The answer is a big yes & yes! & now, more than ever, with the grace of All-That-Is, we get another opportunity to MAKE A NEW, EVOLVED CHOICE, derailing that karmic momentum once and for all, claiming AUTHOR-ity over our story and beginning again LIKE NEVER BEFORE.


~ robert frost

Though, I guess there is always a way around will, right?...but as our shadow is now inviting us, asking us, demanding us to play with it, going around it or choosing beyond it with 'justified distraction' (into a future vision) may prove more uncomfortable than ever. So, BE with it, stay with it. "It" aka our shadow, is but another, THE other version of all-that-is you....& me, and the lonely other layers of our eternal story.

Commit to yourSelf then in the most stable, ZEN sort of way. BEing the eye of this karmic storm, observing, feeling, allowing, did I say FEELING?, sinking in & going through all that arises while tending to every inch of Self (shadow included) with heaps of love, care & great awareness, will construct a new stabilizing conscious force within and allow an experience of our most evolved Selves, whose "time" has finally come.


For the next 2 months, Pluto - the Great Transformer, the darkest depths of death, resurrection, rebirth possible, is holding hands with Saturn - the Great Authority/Karmic Dispensator, keeper of our "external" structures/beliefs and they BOTH have come face-to-face with the South Node of the Moon, our deep subconscious karma itself, keeper of our internal flow that fills our structures with the parts of our soul that is longing to be seen, felt, heard...loved.

This offer is one of the vastest soul 'spring cleanings' from any lifetime, preparing us for the historical new beginning in January 2020 with the Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter conjunction/new beginning. The last time this upcoming SPJ 2020 connection was reflected in the sky was 500 years ago when the belief shifted from... having an outside higher priest/authoritative male figure being the ONLY way "receiving connection with Spirit" was allowed, to...understanding that we can connect with Source/Spirit on our own, internally, man or woman...via the Protestant Reformation and Martin Luther, a fundamental change still reverberating today.



Moving into this extraordinary purifying moment, THE highlight of this lifetime and one that we so readily signed up for, we can prepare ourSelves deeply by going with the flow of whatever may be showing up in our existence NOW, expressing fully from the integrity of the Evolved Heart and ALLOWING our voice as we never have...WE ARE SO READY. So, trust.

By embracing the wisdom that WE ARE NECESSARY...every thought, emotion, action, insight, choice, breath, like and dislike...ALL necessary, we are then able to be ourSelves in the rawest, purest, FREE-EST, unobstructed form. Then, so is everyone else, and only then. Reflecting the possibility of freedom, is thru the true embodiment of our own freedom.

Helping one another by finding, knowing and sharing the NECESSITY OF OUR TRUTH, shifts Karma like no other. Directing our truth and believing in another's ability to do the same whatsoever the outcome, supports the truth outside of us as well. It is not in carrying one another but in the courage of our own truth-walk and embodying it do we find the unity, wholeness and peace we long for.


Within your Birth Chart or within an Intuitive Reading, we can find where this transformation is specifically offering up to you this ancient karmic clearing. Discovering and gathering intuitive insight will also support you now during this grace-filled healing of many lifetimes. Then, with every familiar opportunity and new choice along the way, your eyes will be open, your mind will be clear and your will, will be ready.

Moving forward...lead with the heart, lead with the truth, go right though.

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