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4 elements

1:1 mentoring

dissolve patterns | access masteries

a journey designed to support your personal daily connection to SOURCE through the balance of your FIRE, AIR, WATER, EARTH within.  the essence of these ELEMENTS flow through our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies and are reflected in our birth chart.

'as above, so below.  as within, so without..'


  • EXPLORE your daily life, habits, concerns  along with your soul purpose, karma, & dharma via your birth chart & transits

  • general Past Life exploration (want deeper exploration?  go here INTOtheMYSTIC)

  • CONNECT with your innate ELDER SOUL wisdom 

  • UNCOVER your ELEMENTAL strengths and imbalances

  • ALIGN your WholeSelf [spirit, mind, emotions, body] at a fundamental level

  • ADDRESS the practical needs of your PHYSICAL body portal

Part 1 | The Practical Measures

  • deep dive into your birth chart discovering your elemental profile

  • review current transits offering next steps

  • find inherent strengths & weaknesses, breaking the cycles

  • ELDER SOUL exercise

  • Insight into trauma & current dynamics

  • nutritional & physical holistic guidance

  • Yoga or Chi Gong/Tai Chi practice, at your pace (optional)

  • & more...


  • ongoing support



  • quick scheduling, off calendar, any session 

  • no IMMEDIATE Session fees



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for your free 15min consultation


4 elements

Part 1

5 weeks | 90min Sessions

use within 3 months


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outside the U.S. | Klarna

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