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theSUSTAINABLE Human | the basics

  •  11 days DIY self-study ONLINE

  • 8+hrs wisdom + practice

  • whenever + forever access

  • discounts for personalized support

  • it begins when you begin



Get to the ROOT of your trauma, FINALLY.


Come to "KNOW THYSELF" fully, by building dynamic, steady relationships with all 4 bodies.

Realize your Masteries as you learn to BE with TRUTH & EMPTY in every moment, as the nourishing guides that they are.


Consistently access your well-being on your terms, for the long haul.

Experience great ease in your body, mind, emotions, spirit... as the lack-of-ease rises to release.

Express YOUR needs & rhythm in this world daily instead of the world telling you.

PRE & POST 1:1 Mentoring of INTOtheMYSTICANCESTRAL Alchemy, 4 elements, CONSCIOUS Coaching.  Or, use to integrate the many other tools, experiences & practices from your journey towards self-realization.

Have you had a healing experience...

(spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically)


NOT been able to SUSTAIN it?

Do you GO to your healing place

but not fully LIVE there?

This is NOT another tool, pill, meditation, or quick-fix.

Save your healing tools & experiences for later,

when they can really settle-in to what you 

come to know and practice here.

This is a fundamental learning, a SHIFT of Paradigm to what it really means

to BEvolved human, EMBODIED, living the talk.

A way of life, right here, right now,

that puts you in-charge of you,

by SIMPLY getting back to



Birth yOur New Paradigm from withIN.

It's time...

and you don't want to miss it.

'be the change you wish to see in the world'

~ gandhi


step 1 | theSUSTAINABLE Human | the basics | DIY

step 2 | INTOtheMYSTIC

step 3 | Ancestral ALCHEMY

step 4 | CONSCIOUS Coaching

no refunds as per the E-nature of the course


11 days to Mastery

theSUSTAINABLE Human | the basics is, your lessons begin when you begin.  11 SELF-paced days of whenever & forever private access to current + upcoming online audio STEPS.  Shift your fundamental understanding of what well-BEing Mastery truly is.  Discover a deeply ROOTED awareness of all 5 Selves for TRUE & whole healing, for the long haul.  FINALLY. 

P.S. There is no prize or greater growth if you finish quickly.

 (that's old paradigm think)


a Whole BEing Practice

Receive 8+hrs of fundamental insight + practice, distilled down from 3 decades of study & service with ancient & modern modalities, and a lifetime of living it.  Meet ALL 5 foundational aspects of you & learn how to SUSTAIN each of them. Like a table, when one leg is off, nothing stays upon it well.  We are WHOLE BEings and need to be met that way...if one aspect of self is off, the remaining faulter. SIMPLE core BEing practices that align you from the soul to the toes.

devotion | integration | trust



New to your WholeSelf care or a seasoned truth-seeker, the base for all other work BEGINS here.  The base lesson here, is the container for all other learnings, Here, we establish a stability inside first.  One outside tool, experience, pill, mind-set, will not, cannot heal all without pause + integration + a true-to-you, stable foundation. Stop 'the chase', 'the get' rhythm of the current crumbling paradigm to meet your body and spirit-call in every moment.  Reset your biology and reignite your innate wisdom from all 5 body expressions.

nourish | nurture | listen 


everything is ENERGY FIRST

Then why do we typically meet everything physically first? (or mentally, emotionally or just spiritually)  Ancients have know the MUST of meeting the WholeSelf with energy first, for ages.  As we go, the Soul brings forth more layers of us to INTEGRATE,  aligning with them is our work, true soul purpose, and divine right.  Curious about the ROOTS of your current lack-of-ease in body, mind, emotion, spirit?  THE BASICS will point to where & how. 

FREE WILL will take you there.

get aligned fully, finally...
from the soul to the toes


step 1 | theSUSTAINABLE Human | the basics || DIY

FOUNDATIONAL restructuring to support & activate all other healing tools.

for before, during, or after 1:1 MENTORING...

or anytime at all.

step 2 | INTOtheMYSTIC 1, 2 & 3 | embodying empty

step 3 | Ancestral ALCHEMY 

step 4 | Conscious COACHING


the full essence of your potential

the blueprint for this incarnation


clear trauma...

seeded from the beyond this lifetime

activate empty

create space to receive

come to know The Bigger You &

your subtle messaging fields


the co-pilot, ego

energy interpreter


own conscious change

become mindFULLy mindLESS

derail habituated dynamics...

inside & out

organize & let go of ALL outdated data


the deepest root in this now from where your soul evolves most



unlock & free ancient personal &

ancestral wounds

get familiar with true nurturing

release those SUBstories


the holograph of all other bodies


rewire REaction thru presence


regulate all systems for more ease...

less dis-ease

stabilize energy + nervous system

get clear

rest well

digest & absorb more

breathe easier

healthy boundaries

come to life

connect to source ALLways

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