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Updated: Mar 24, 2023


Death. The boldest invitation to live. The truest of true experiences. An absolute. A certainty. Our greatest teacher, when we allow it to be. Yet, how often do we allow ourselves to go there in our conscious minds before we GO THERE physically?

In life, we encounter many ongoing deaths. Death of others, our dreams, who WE have been in relationships, in jobs, with ourselves, etc... As someone who takes full joy in holding space for others during their ultimate transition, I have come to learn that when we contemplate death mindfully, owning it daily, all other transitions we have along the way lose their charge of fear, becoming lighter than the weight we have previously given them. Those ongoing transitions, though uncomfortable, become necessary steps to a life lived freely, authentic, true, and ALIVE in every moment.

In death, along with the space leading up to death, a refinement happens. A quickening. The amalgamation of those parts of us we have set out to discover, explore, and realize, in this life…all come rushing to the surface as if longing to be played with one.last.time. WE WAKE UP! We surrender, activating an awareness of what is truly important in this life, as we let go of everything we no longer need and perhaps haven't for a while.

So, why wait to FINALLY FULLY INHABIT life at The End & if only for that moment? The deepest teaching of death is to LIVE. Death is inevitable. Living is our choice. Facing our ultimate death NOW in thought enriches life by taking us to meet our deepest fear, softening its hold, delivering us to the courage within. We then live every moment as if it were our last. No need to wait until "the end" to have our freedom. Be with death now, own it consciously, and live your life as never before.

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