holistic health practitioner

licensed massage therapist



certified 5d astrologer


certified yoga instructor

'be the change you wish to see in the world.'

~mahatma gandhi


For as long as I can remember I have been a very spiritual person. I believe that the Universe always has a way of moving us forward lovingly through every step of our lives, as we find our way to do so with a continued open heart.

I am passionate about having the opportunity to connect with my clients, reflecting to them their capacity for wholeness in this very moment, by way of their uniquely chosen universal current.

My intention is always to bring forth great awareness, peace, and core healing through understanding, love, and compassion by serving and supporting others on their Sacred Path of Self-discovery...opening them up to their own limitless spiritual potential. 

In consciously exploring our inner truths, we are delivered to a deep stillness, the unmovable solid ground within, a space that may only come from choosing the way of Self-Realization and embracing Self with fierce love.


Together we will journey through these Ancient Paths of your past and your Divine present, bringing clarity of purpose and the alignment you are here for.  Your Session will deliver you to a wholeness and personal expansion beyond all that you ever been, creating a tangible, uplifting, life-changing experience for you.

Over the past 20 years, my healing gifts as an Intuitive Reader and Medium, 5D Astrologer, Certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki and Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, have served thousands of clients from around the world. 


here's a little background...

  • 2000-Present ~ Intuitive Healer through private & group work worldwide.

  • 2000 ~ Massage Therapist Certification from (Accredited) Mueller College of Holistic Studies, San Diego, CA.

  • 2000 ~ Essential Oil Practitioner Certification from Kathy Padecky, H.H.P, S.D., CA.

  • 2000-2004 ~ Holistic Health Practitioner Certification (H.H.P), Emphasis on Eastern Studies with Tuina, Acupressure, Syndromes, Nutrition, Mueller College of Holistic Studies, S.D., CA.

  • 2000-2006 ~ Intuitive Healing work w/Massage Therapy, Tuina, ChiNeiTsang, Transformational Breathwork, Oils & Hands-on Reiki, S.D., CA. & Santa Fe, NM.

  • 2001 ~ Reiki Level 1 & 2 Certification from Jean C. Ferris, Reiki Master, S.D., CA.

  • 2001-Present ~ Long Distance Reiki Healing with Intuitive work, Private Clients, Worldwide.

  • 2001 ~ TCM Tuina Practitioner Certification from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Beijing, China.

  • 2001 ~ Traditional Feng Shui Practitioner Certification from China Studies Program in Beijing, Shanghai, & Xian, China.

  • 2001-2005 ~ Massage Teacher & Lab Instructor at Mueller College of Holistic Studies, S.D., CA.

  • 2001-2005 ~ Private End of Life Hospice Assistance, S.D., CA.

  • 2001-2005 ~ Intuitive, Past Life, Energetic Healing studies with individual and group work at Intuitive Insights, S.D., CA.

  • 2001-2006 ~ Yoga Instructor, group & private in S.D., CA. & S.F., NM.

  • 2002 ~ Yoga Teacher Certification, Marguerite Baca, S.D., CA.

  • 2002 ~ Hatha Yoga Teacher Certification from Erich Schiffman & Leslie Bogart, Santa Barbara, CA.

  • 2003 ~ ChiNeiTsang Certification from Osi Livni, H.H.P, S.D., CA.

  • 2004 ~ Transformational Breathwork Training, Transformational Breath Foundation of Judith Kravitz, S.D., CA.

  • 2004 ~ Thai Massage Practitioner Certification, S.D., CA.

  • 2004 ~ Hot Stone Massage Practitioner Certification, S.D., CA.

  • 2005 ~ Spa Designer, Director and Therapist Instructor at Spa Samadhi, Sunrise Springs Resort & Spa, S.F., NM.

  • 2005-2006 ~ Intuitive, Past Life, Energetic Healing studies with individual and group work at the Center of Inner Truth, S.F., NM.

  • 2015-2016 ~ 5D Cosmic Consciousness Astrology Course & Certification from Stephanie Azaria, NY.

  • 2015-2016 ~ CPI-Cosmic Path of Initiations Facilitator Training/Sessions/Study with Stephanie Azaria, NY.

  • 2016 ~ Mediumship Deeper Level Certification from Dr. Richard Jelusich, S.D., CA.

  • 2016-2017 ~ 5D Cosmic Consciousness Astrology Student Mentor for 2016-2017 Certification Course with Stephanie Azaria, NY.

  • 2016-2017 ~ Dark Side of the Moon & Moon Sign programs, Ellias Lonsdale of Star Genesis Wisdom, N.Y.

  • 2017 ~ Moon Report Writer for TheCosmicPath.com with Stephanie Azaria, 5D Cosmic Consciousness Astrologer

  • 2020 ~ Advanced Scientific Remote Viewing Intensive Certification ~ Farsight Institute 

  • 2020 ~ Remote Viewing w/Dick Algire for private Cryptoviewing Patreon Subscribers

  • 2021 ~ Returning to Wholeness -  Understanding & Integrating Trauma. A course with Gabor Mate, Canada.

  • 2021 ~ The Resilient Heart™: Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath Certification

  • Intuitive, Medium, Yogi, passionate truth-seeker...all my life.