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free falling

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

full moon ~ 3 pisces 12

5:58am MT, 7:58am ET, 11:58am UTC

channel for the lunar phase of 8.26 - 9.8.18

The haze of uncertainty...cocooning us, turning our vision inward, locking us in to Self and igniting fear with our inability to see beyond the thick midst which surrounds. The reason...always to become more acquainted with who we are in that moment and what it is our design has been created for. A new heavenly fundamental truth is being birthed, ready to lovingly fortify and transform every uncertain step yet to be taken.

This massive karmic change is bringing forth a second coming of innocence. With innocence comes vulnerability. Tho this time our innocence is on our conscious terms as we come full circle...our open core meeting our most evolved wisdom.

hearing inward

Relying on this wisdom means relying on the continual persistent calls from within...the temple from which our wisdom in held. What does our heart want? as it calls through our body? our voice? our will?

Hearing inward carves out a new pattern for our action, a new set point of our what we value becomes what we seek out first. We seek out ourSelves, not other. In re-establishing our value, what we value redefines, who we value shifts completely and we bravely adjust our path to self-realization.


The initial point of our creation was ignited from Divine Truth. And so we are. And so it is up to us to realize. The foundation of Who.We.Are. stems from a Universal call or need for our particular BEing, then we BEcame. In that very moment we answered the purpose of our life, because we came to be, this is our value. We are our Divine Purpose, no action needed, just realization.

It is fun however, to come to realize all-that-we-are through play in our relation with the world, physical and otherwise. Though knowing first that our value is already 'a done deal', changes everything and we launch every step of our life from a different internal environment, a space of being full and whole, chosen and complete. Clarity and inspired movement then become the flavor of our entire journey.

We no longer need to use our action as a slave to inadequacy, constant improvement, or imbalanced comparison nor does the precious energy we are given to cultivate and realize our own Divine Truth need to be siphoned off into old dynamics, only to keep us up-to-speed with truths that belong to others. The first steps that are born of fear lead us only, always and forever back to fear, no matter the action taken. Fear unconsciously then, becomes the flavor of the entire journey.

hauntingly familiar

We are instruments designed specifically to orchestrate a larger piece of music and we are asked to play our part fully, truth-fully, as truth is the very thing that will keep us best in-tuned to our fullest potential. Vulnerably trusting always in our emotions, our words, our choices, every last one ever made...conscious and unconscious.

Trusting such a thing requires a letting go of the mind and free falling into something much larger than this fractal piece of existence. It is about embracing the unknown...then it becomes known, hauntingly familiar even, as we lean into it, yield to it.

this week...

This week...observe the dynamics where you may feel your actions coming from the need to prove, justify, or alter any aspect of your being. Where do you choose actions that are not comfortable in some way. Can you be with your truth instead? Even if these dynamics seem unchangeable at this moment, you can still move into them by committing to bring 'your-truth-in-that-moment' along for the ride. Be awake. See what comes up either way and remind yourSelf of the value that you are, before the action.

This week...take a moment to trust the Spirited hand that created you, the idea of you, the culmination of experience that only you offer, no matter how your arrival manifested. It was never how you came or with whom, but that you came and you get to discover this deeply cherished creation that is you, with every breath you take.

a breakthrough

As we breakthrough to the age of Unity Consciousness, we first breakthrough to the Unity within...with great consciousness. We are here for reasons known and unknown to us. There are the details we are aware of as Self, and a larger scope of dialogue that we can bring our awareness to, only through trust. Finding comfort in the unknown as well as the known is what will free us, delivering us from our perceived separation. Trust.

Although, nothing is really unknown...has a call from the heart ever, ever felt anything less than true?

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