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the tip of the iceberg

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

channel for the week of 8.20 - 8.26.18

The ancient karmic transformation has begun...yet, as deep and vast as it may already seem, this is merely the tip of the iceberg. What has been let go of in the not so distant past, has made way for a whole new layer of Self, ready to be explored. More?! Yes, always more. Never-endingly more as this is the promise of the Universe....ah-hemm MULTIverse.

The openness that has been created by this karmic ending, is a space of grace and neutrality. Really allow yourSelf to let that visual in, feel it, float in it, own it for a bit. Everything within and without rearranges when such conscious choices are made, particularly the bits of us that have roots extending deeper than we can fathom. From here, the usual endings for anything in our world, can no longer be.

meeting our master

The depth of us is reorganizing, our structure is upgrading, fine-tuning, prioritizing, strengthening, becoming ever more capable of carrying our enduring visions. This foundational shift has been an eternity in the making. Even if we perceive the step to be small, it is only because we have never been so ready, so close. We have grown to match our challenge energetically, in equality, in unity. Big or small, the step was taken or soon will be, and that changes everything. We are meeting our Master, our boundary, our most evolved edge and choosing to move beyond!

Standing within this unknown corridor of being, there needs to be a pause, a breath, a break in the rhythm of Self as paradigms are shifting and new avenues are being tapped. Our uncharted, soul-chosen, evolutionary journey awaits and the only map is the one held within.

Listening to the heart call now is the only way, it was our initiation here and is now THE guiding light for our dharmic becoming. Let contemplation for 'what's up ahead' fall away. Be empty and know that no endings are known, as with this karmic shift, the paths to them have yet to been taken.

bravo! brava!

Collectively and personally, somewhere within our stories, we have all courageously dropped an ancient structure, an archaic dynamic. BRAVO!~BRAVA! This space, this moment we are now in, is no longer filled with dialogue that can be anticipated, so let's not.

The next equally important step is to embrace the void remaining open and neutral...while resisting the momentum, the urge, the familiar calling that would, if we let it, fill this newness with the very essence that we just boldly relinquished by yielding to the unknown.

We have come so far, repeated so much...this time however, we have chosen to move differently, towards a different truth, our own, freeing ourSelves and inspiring others to the same route within, effecting change like never before. In doing so, we step away from our past, our karma and what has been (often times painfully) familiar. What happens within, happens without. Prepare for and observe the structural shifts around you.

this week...

This week....first take a look at what ancient part of your storyline has just met with your truth and been forever transformed. Examine the energetic lines of who, what, where, when, why and how this storyline may have come to be. With gratitude for Divine Purpose, witness the challenge and it's supporting energy, dissolving from you...witness the gift it has birthed within you. Be with that, as a rest, know balance is upon you.

Then...momentarily feel into this old storyline, the dynamic, the essence of the very thing you are growing away from, do not resist it as it is an ancient, sacred karmic part of you that has served greatly in your expansion. Your remembrance of this old feeling tone from your new perspective, will allow you to make choices beyond it, beyond you, as you create your new world.

There is an essential balance of nature that is on the horizon. Everyone has a part in this becoming, this dharmic dawning. Devote yourSelf completely to the process you are standing in at this moment, it is that important, it always is, as the balance we perceive out there, always begins from within. The fertile foundation that you stand upon is open, patiently waiting, anticipating your new creative understanding uniting with your new connected potential. How then, would you like your world to be?

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