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silence: the calm before the creation

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

channel for the week of 8.6 - 8.12.18

There is an emptiness in silence. An unmistakable void. A hollow that can feel like forever, feel like death. It is also a space where, in its nothingness, we can hear, sense, and come to know everything, anything, at the most minute level of connection...particularly ourSelves. Silence is the Heart of Source, unobstructed, fluid, lacking distraction, ever open to the Now and it's arrival with divine impulse, forging our journey of truth.

Moments before the threshold into silence is crossed, we stand looking at it, feeling the endlessness, the newness, the discovery that it offers and we blink, we hold, we distract, we long for something, anything to fill the void...and so often we do...fill the void. Most often we fill it with despair for lack of "response", or disbelief in the momentum that is the always evolving Universe, or we fill the emptiness with the same sum of our experiences, the familiar...over and over and over again, creating an endless loop.

what if...

What if, we looked at the silence differently. Unafraid. Seeing it as the space where our agenda has fallen away and an oasis from our whirlwind of karma and familiar storylines, has risen. The pause is the potential and the unencumbered frequency that aligns us with the guidance that transforms our form. The silence is where we can consciously intersect with our vaster Selves, Source, All-That-Is. What if....we just be with the stillness a little longer, coming to know its perfection.

Silence is the home of birth...and with every birth, something dies. Many times we have traveled through chapters in our lives or entire lifetimes where there has been nothing but silence. Those solo moments long or short, ask us to connect with something other than what we expect or desire...something we perceive as "nothing" yet it is greater than anything we have ever known. This is a Master's Path and we are cultivating a Master's perception in an opportunity to awaken and ground the seat of Source within.

creatures of connection

By default we are creatures of connection, evident in the world around us or it wouldn't be. Emptiness can often times seem like loneliness. This feeling in and of itself can trigger our distaste for the internal/external quiet, bringing up fear on every level, adjusting our choices away from truth and keeping us stuck in repetitive, reactive motion.

Emptiness/silence is but an alone-ness, a carved out stretch meant for experiencing our individuated rhythm...our necessary uniqueness, longing for expression and witness. Sitting in stillness gives way to what lies beneath the shallow layers of our lives, a depth of which makes up the majority of our external experience.

Making room for processing the majority of who we are and what we have digested mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically, is essential for our growth, evolution, and movement from karma into dharma. We long to move into fuller, kinder more purpose aligned moments in our lives....embracing silence and pause will deliver us there.

the gift of sacred space

Gifting our selves this sacred space will balance out the input, releasing what is no longer in-line with our deepest truth while nurturing us with our eternal Source. These days there is so much intake, on every level. Authentically growing while jumping from one thought, meme, headline, message, repetitive fear choice to the next often times leads to overwhelm, frustration, similar outcomes.

Welcoming the silence, whenever it appears and if you can making a choice of it daily, clears the way for inspired response and invites the very balance we are seeking from our outer world, as what appears 'out there' is the reflection of what is happening 'in here'. Be-ing is the new do-ing.

this week...

This week...whether you initiate the silence or it appears on its own, remind yourself that it is an essential part of your journey, a respite, a refueling point for a new and uncharted chapter up ahead, and a message that an evolutionary doorway is upon you. Let that first step that is the quiet, be empty of old, as that will be the flavor of all the steps to follow. Refuse to fill the void.

In silence, delight in the joy, allow the grief, and remind yourself that silence is how Spirit speaks...not necessarily in an outward call but always as one with us in experience, as we are Spirit realizing All-That-is. In stillness we anchor our most evolved essence while giving freedom to old fears and shadows longing to be seen. No need to act on the fear, just feel it, be with it, acknowledge it, hold its hand even, with love, as you move forward deeper into silence.

Carve out space for stillness...consider taking in food, news, media, others, for only a certain part of your day, leaving the rest of your day empty. Silence can also brilliantly happen among others, not only in seclusion. This week when you find yourself longing for a response and silence comes, let that feeling be, embrace it, leaning into the void at hand.

"I don't know."

Spring follows winter, always. The silence will present the impulse, it always does, as it is the canvas for creation. Welcome the pause, long or short. Seek it out, letting your agenda fall away, opening to the crispness of the unknown. Give yourself permission to say and feel......"I don't know."

When you do courageously turn to silence knowing it as the calm before the creation, Spirit will begin its conscious, sprouting within, an eternal spring will be tapped and your fullness will become evident in the calm that permeates your being.

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