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master creator - the structure and the flow

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

channel for the week of 7.30 - 8.2.18

Master Creator, is there anyone that is not? We are all here tangibly swimming within our consciousness, one moment at a time...with a theme or layered themes, for a lifetime. The earth plane as we know it, is our consciousness in slow motion, as fast as it may seem sometimes. It is but a density that we call physical 'reality', it is also a holograph of all that we are. Which means our outer world is an inside job and creation begins from within.

Allowing ourselves permission to tap the Master Creator within, we must first check in with the structure in which our creative output...the flow, will move through. This structure is essential for creation. It will be what brings our limitless creative potential to life, actualizing and reflecting back our state of being, delivering us again and again to self-realization. Just as a musical instrument plays sweetest when effectively tuned, when it is made and held with the greatest care, respected and revered for its ability to take us all beyond what we have known, so does the structure that is you.

the structure and the flow

The flow comes forth as all that we have ever experienced...our joys and our becoming, our wounds and shadows, they float hand-in-hand with the potential of what is yet to be. The flow is the collection of our endless possibilities, our dharma, the unknown, unfamiliar, our evolution. Accepting the flow means opening to all of it, the light and the dark, flowing with it, loving it, embracing its purpose.

The structure is the ever changing output of what we already know ourselves to be. It is our karma. It is familiar, solid, realized (not to be confused with "real"), and not unlike your brand new IPhone, already obsolete the moment it gets in your hand. Accepting the structure means owning it all, the light and the dark, understanding its limited nature and embracing its purpose.

the path of master creator

The path of the conscious Master Creator gets to integrate the understanding that we are not only the creative force that runs through us all but we are also very much the structure that supports that flow. We are unified...human and spirit, creating with the limited and limitless nature of each. Discovering, responding to, and respecting the needs of both. BOTH aspects of being are necessary and ask for our conscious tending to for our continual evolution and unification.

The musician and the instrument. The home and the ones that live within. The temple and the people that come. The soul and the body that holds it. Each aspect reflects to the other its meaning. Each aspect calling forth destined, divine purpose from the other. Each aspect witnessing other. One a jumping off point, a foundation, a channel. The other...the stream, the force, the channeled. Together, wholeness.

Feeling through this unification process, we can many times hold onto the "other" for their creative role in the outer materialization of our inner world, giving "other" the credit for the outcome (whether an enjoyable outcome or not). When really they are but a player, karmic or otherwise, mirroring who we are, what we cannot see of ourselves, and what we can grow from. A holograph.

If a musician lost his beloved flute and felt that he would never be able to play again or deliver his ability in that same way, at some point (at times this may take many lives) his continued evolution will bring him to understand that he is the one who designed that very flute and the one who grew away from it and he is also the very music that moves through it. He is the desire realized in the totality of its forms. His nature, his ability, his evolutionary desire will never cease, nor is it limited to one particular outlet, it can only be forever experienced and expanded upon...again and again.

this next week...

This next week, as you walk the path of Master Creator, I and can I love both the structure and the flow, the human and the soul that is self and "other"? Do I and can I love the wholeness which I am, without favoring or finding more importance in one over the other? Do I and can I honor and tend to both forms that is self, the limited and limitless, the light, the dark? Breathe deep...awakening the Master by bring unconditional love to each of these aspects.

Where within my emotional, mental, spiritual bodies...needs more attention, more care, more reverence, more adoration? What part of my body, my home, my instrument, my temple needs strengthening, clearing out, rest, acceptance? What creation can I let go of with the awareness of the Master Creator that "It has served its purpose for my highest evolution and I will absolutely create another, again and again and again"? Breathe deeply into each of the pieces of self, calling all fragments home, welcoming them with the limitless unconditional love that is inherent within.

Move to embrace all aspects of self. Breathe deeply into both the density and the weightlessness, giving tangible acknowledgement and cleansing to both, this is why we are here. There is not one thing 'out there' that is not of Spirit, as separation only lives within our unbalanced limited beliefs. As Master Creator, we see with deep love the wholeness that we are....the structure and the flow...the light and the dark...a unified being. As Master Creator, we consciously come to own our creative role in our lives by letting more gracefully fall away as we fall forward, granting creative power only to ourselves...All-that-is, standing steady in the eternal flow of it all.

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