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trust your truth

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

channel for the week of 7.23 - 7.29.18

What does it feel like to trust yourself? To truly trust your truth, your heart, yourSelf, your body? To be so completely and utterly intuned with the voice that is your truth, you know that you have your own back always. You stand-up tall easily, express freely...and in doing so, all else fades softly into the background. Do you hear yourself in this way, trust yourself in this way and if so, how often? Are there many times that you do listen, trust...are there times that you don't? What are those moments? Where are those moments? Who are you with and why do they unfold in the way that they do?

There is a piece within us all that consistently calls us towards this personal heart centered truth from the vaster version of our being. What would it take for us to allow it more, in every step, letting that feeling tone of alignment be who we are in every circumstance?

So often when we come into our heart lead truth, we also meet what we must leave behind. That alone can keep us away from feeling the fullness of our hearts. When we do find the courage for love of self through listening, our internal becoming begins its reflection process onto our "outside world", reflecting our transformation and igniting the very wounds that have left their mark on our existence...for a reason. We must feel in order to heal. We must know in order to be whole. In this moment we are granted, for as long as we are in physical form, to make the choice that will land us in a gentler, balanced more loving place. A gentle, light-filled space that only the Source-fed springs of our heart can offer. Yet, many times we forget and contract, compromise, or reject our very selves for the sake what is promised "out there"....our beliefs-what has been.

Moving beyond our beliefs means moving into the un"known". That is what the mind offers...what we "know" but merely because of what has been. It takes courage to move away from the safety and comfort of the familiar, regardless of whether we enjoy the location of the familiar or not. The heart calls us to the unknown, the place within ourselves that has always been there that we are yet to realize. The unknown is dark, unfamiliar, scary, deep, and often times lonely...yet it is also new, a blank slate, exciting, our expansion, what we are evolving into, our becoming, our dharma and if we allow ourselves the journey, it will become our new normal. But for a bit...

As we do trust ourselves, our bodies, and our heart-led truth, the dynamics inherent in the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How's...all begin to shift, to change, to fall away. Heading towards our new territory within, we meet ourselves and the precious energy that it took to engage with those outdated dynamics comes back to us. We then get to claim that energy for our own new story. Upgrade to a more efficient mode of being. Engage our evolved priorities. This Divine energy promised to us for our own creative potential, we can either leave back in unbalanced, ancient patterns or use it in limitless ways as the loving authors of our own existence. By choosing to listen to our truth, we support ourselves, our purpose, our hearts, our bodies, and we also inspire others to live the alignment. Our BE-ing IS our do-ing. When we are aligned with our truth and trust in its unknown direction, we are Divinely alive. We become In-Spirit-ation.

this next week...

This next week, ask yourself these questions about truth, trust, your heart, and body. Sit with these questions. Walk with them. Breathe with them. When we ask and look, we open the door to the answer as the question and the answer walk hand in hand. The beginning and the end walk hand in hand. Your within and without walk hand in hand and even more clearly as we recognize that they are one in the same. Observe how your world "out-there" shifts as you take the first steps to deeply, consciously tend to your 'inner-world". Your higher self, all-that-is, is calling you always for conscious connection.

Live your truth at all costs. Trust the integrity that you bring to the delivery of your truth and the source from which it comes. Trust yourself to listen to yourself, that still, small voice that has never left you because it IS the eternal you. Know that...that voice is only small and faint because often times we keep it so far away. Invite it closer, listen to it more, visit it more, be with it more, be curious of it more, trust it more. It is you, you are it. Connect with it so much that you forget to "go there"...being the moment you have embodied it.

Pure freedom.

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