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full & mini reading

Need insight NOW?

Online booking is @ 3 - 4 weeks out...  IMMEDIATE Readings are offered WHEN POSSIBLE from 1-2hrs of your request up to the next available online booking, for mini & FULL Readings


  1. BOOKING & payments happen via EMAIL or TXT

  2. expect the regular reading charge along with the additional IMMEDIATE Reading fee below

(discounts included)


  • EMAIL or TXT your name with:

    • TYPE of READING: mini or FULL Reading & the length desired. 

    • TIME FRAME: kinda soon, EMERGENCY. or RIGHT NOW!

  • respond within 15min EITHER WAY - YES or NO to the scheduling options you receive,  or the offering will no longer be available

  • prices below are based upon the moment you send in your request

  • cannot cancel or change once the TIME FRAME & TYPE of SESSION is agreed upon, or the entire session fee, along with the additional charge, will be forfeited

  • TXT @ 505.699.8008 or click below to set up your appointment

  • complete invoice immediately upon receipt

  • INVOICE will be sent to you once an appointment is established

  • scheduling responses between 7am - 9pm MT daily


kinda soon

outside of 96 hours

up to the next available online booking



48-96 hours



within 48 hours


want an IMMEDIATE Session @ n/c?

check out...


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