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theSchool of INtuitive BEing

2 SEASONS | 20 weeks

Begins the start of each season


  • zoom

  • 2 SEASONS | classes begin @ the start of each season

  • ONGOING | SEASONAL - 20 weeks


    • Tuesdays @ 5 - 6:15pm MT

    • Thursdays @ 12:30 - 1:45pm MT


    • Last Saturday of each month @ 12:30 - 1:30pm MT (Public Reading Lab)





  • Attend as many classes as you like within your 2 SEASONS
  • Receive 6% off ANY 1:1 Mentoring or 16% off ANY 1:1 Mentoring for paying TRIBE members
  • Become a non-paying WISDOM member of theTRIBE within your 2 SEASONS
  • Receive HIGHTAIL recordings of all classes offered during your 2 SEASONS


**RECEIVE a DOWNLOAD with School info, upon signing up!


TERMS OF SERVICE | Upon purchase, you agree to the following:

  • Classes are only for those who purchase the class (NO other attendees may come in your place).
  • If you cannot make a class, you will receive a HIGHTAIL recording, and the absent class time WILL NOT be carried over beyond your 2 SEASONS or become a credit.
  • If there are HOLIDAYS or class scheduled off days during your 2 SEASONS, your end date WILL NOT be moved to include those off class times.  Your end date is your end date, no refunds credits, or time added on beyond that for ANY REASON.
  • A refund for any remaining balance will take place if for some reason Jeannine Kim cannot complete the class schedule due to unforeseen circumstances (other than a temporary 1 - 2 week illness or emergency, or already scheduled & notified time off).
  • OTHER THAN THE ABOVE: No refunds, no credits, no exceptions.

theSchool of INtuitive BEing | 2 SEASONS

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