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theSchool of INtuitive BEing

4 SEASONS | 40 weeks

Begins the start of each season


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  • 4 SEASONS | classes betgin @ the start of each season

  • ONGOING | SEASONAL - 40 weeks


    • Tuesdays @ 5 - 6:15pm MT

    • Thursdays @ 12:30 - 1:45pm MT


    • Last Saturday of each month @ 12:30 - 1:30pm MT (Public Reading Lab)





  • Attend as many classes as you like within your 4 SEASONS
  • Receive 6% off ANY 1:1 Mentoring or 16% off ANY 1:1 Mentoring for paying TRIBE members
  • Become a non-paying WISDOM member of theTRIBE during your 4 SEASONS
  • Receive HIGHTAIL recordings of all classes offered during your 4 SEASONS



**RECEIVE a DOWNLOAD with School info, upon signing up!


TERMS OF SERVICE | upon purchase, you agree to the following:

  • Classes are only for those who purchase the class (NO other attendees may come in your place).
  • If you cannot make a class, you will receive a HIGHTAIL recording, and the absent class time WILL NOT be carried over beyond your 4 SEASONS or become a credit.
  • If there are HOLIDAYS or class scheduled off days during your 4 SEASONS, your end date WILL NOT be moved to include those off-class times.  Your end date is your end date, no refunds credits, or time added on beyond that for ANY REASON.
  • A refund for any remaining balance will take place if for some reason Jeannine Kim cannot complete the class schedule due to unforeseen circumstances (other than a temporary 1 - 2 week illness or emergency, or already scheduled & notified time off).
  • OTHER THAN THE ABOVE: No refunds, no credits, no exceptions.

theSchool of INtuitive BEing | 4 SEASONS

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