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Soul MAP Astrology

3 current astrological activations

2 questions

30-minute recorded audio response within - 10 days -​

* NOT a call-in session *




  • 3 current astrological activations/transits

  • clarity around your planetary healing opportunity

  • mini birth chart overview

  • channeled insight to 2 questions, themes, dynamics

  • a HIGH-FREQUENCY Energetic Healing

  • alignment & grounding to your highest, current in-body potential

  • release of expired energetic threads​

  • NEXT STEPS for your most clear DHARMIC evolutionary path/timeline

  • a personal MANTRA created from your session

  • a copy of your birth chart along with your current transits

  • your 30-minute healing HIGHTAIL audio response within 10 days of questions received


1.  complete the SOUL Map Astrology purchase

2.  EMAIL your name along with your mini Reading focus: 

  • 2 questions, themes, dynamics

3.  ​birth information:

  • date​

  • time *

  • place​

*  if you do not have your time of birth,

let me know and we can rectify your chart​





discount in theTRIBE


terms of purchase:

The reading must be used (by anyone) within 30 days of purchase or it will be forfeited.  Upon your purchase of the audio Session, all terms are agreed to.

Soul MAP Astrology

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