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7 weeks | 2hr Private Sessions & 1-80min Audio Session

  • to be used within 4 mos
  • sessions not meant to be shared


INTOtheMYSTIC 1 | Clearing the Container

INTOtheMYSTIC 2 | Emboding Empty

INTOtheMYTIC 3 | Tuning the Instrument



INTOtheMYSTIC is the Sacred Art of Shamanic Soul-Retrieval.  a reunification at the core level, shifting the subconscious platform from which you build this life.  tap your sacred guidance in every moment & forever change how you intuitively BE in your world. 

This is a journey for everyone.


​are you ready to?...

  • LIVE every moment thru your sovereign, intuitive direction

  • TAKE OWNERSHIP OF your WholeSelf alignment

  • LEAD SELF FIRST with Spirit, then others, from your most clear space within

  • DEEPLY TRANSFORM the foundation of your life

  • 'BE the change...'

together we will

  • EXPLORE & CLEAR each chakra's initial wound thru past lives

  • BRING TO LIFE the ancient source of your current life patterns, trauma, & wounds 

  • ACTIVATE your innate soul masteries

  • AWAKEN, HARNESS & NURTURE your Intuition

  • ENERGETICALLY STRENGTHEN all 4 bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical)

  • SHARPEN the tools needed to INTEGRATE & GROUND your current spiritual work

  • ANCHOR what you come to know, into your everyday life in tangible, practical ways


Part 1 | Clearing the Container

  • deep dive the root wound of each chakra & more....

Part 2 | Embodying Empty [optional/highly recommended]

  • integration of your new resonance

  • learn & practice the art of Intuitive Reading, OHSO Tarot, Mediumship, Remote Viewing & more...

Part 3 | Tuning the Instrument

continued personal support & more...​​




Once you have purchased your Series, you will receive a welcome letter from me with information on how to book your appointments along with your syllabus for your class.



  • For the purchaser ONLY.
  • INTOtheMYSTIC Series is intended for one person's personal healing, learning & self-realization journey. 
  • Sessions may be rescheduled with 24hr notice (or forfeited) but may not be shared with another. 
  • If additional time is added on to a session, it will be billed at the regular hourly rate with an invoice to follow the appointment unless agreed upon otherwise.  
  • Any session not used within 4 mos or incur a NO-SHOW will be considered forfeited and an email will be sent for your records.  
  • Once purchased, INTOtheMYSTIC Series is non-refundable and payment may only be used towards credit.  
  • If for whatever reason Jeannine Kim cannot fulfill the remaining sessions you will receive a refund for the amount unused.  
  • Upon your purchase of INTOtheMYSTIC Series, all terms are agreed to.

INTOtheMYSTIC: embodying empty | PART 2

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