GIFT CERTIFICATE ~ 80 minute Session

GIFT CERTIFICATE ~ 80 minute Session

Honor those you love with the greatest gifts of healing...revelation, alignment, pure potential.


terms of purchase:


The Gift Certificate must be used (by anyone) within 60 days of purchase or it will be forfeited.  If for whatever reason, Jeannine Kim cannot fulfill the time on the Gift Certificate, you will receive a refund for the amount unused.  Upon your purchase of the Gift Certificate, all terms are agreed to.

  • HOW TO:

    1.  Purchase GIFT here!

    2.  Send me the name & email of the individual you are gifting to.

    3.  Let me know if you would like ME to contact them regarding their GIFT or if YOU would like to let them know personally.

    4.  TO BOOK:  Click the BOOK HERE on the HOME page, once on the BOOKING page, click the GIFTS & 1:1 MENTORING tab.  There are no prices listed, they may book there.

    5.  All GIFTS have an expiration date of 30 days from purchase.  If purchased during the November/December Holiday Season, then the expiration is on January 25th of the following year (30 days from Xmas), regardless of when the purchase was made.

    6. PRINT or SCREEN SHOT these instructions for your next steps.

    Thank you.



~temet nosce~

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