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Conscious COACHING | Package 1

tuning the instrument

1:1 mentoring

dissolve patterns | access masteries

  • 840 minutes
  • to be used within 1 year




the 'finish line' is... that there is no 'finish line,' no end game.  aligning spirit, mind, emotion, and physical is an ongoing practice, a devotion to CONSCIOUS evolution.  tuning the instrument consistently supports our self-realization, sovereignty & empowerment in every moment.

are you ready to?...

  • ​RECEIVE guidance for what you are presently experiencing (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically)  *use your minutes for FULL & mini-Sessions*

  • CALL-IN consistent, ongoing support for questions and next steps

  • INTEGRATE your wisdom from your other MENTORING series 


together we will

  • DESIGN your personal coaching needs, time frame, & focus

  • ANSWER any questions, access next steps

  • USE ALL THE HEALING TOOLS for this moment of YOU:  intuitive channeling, astrology, tarot, holistic, practical nutrition, wellness support, etc...

  • MERGE & REFINE new skills, tools & masteries into your current daily life/work/relationship dynamics & foundations

  • ANCHOR personal, supportive rituals to build new paths & choices

  • & MORE...


need a session fast? 

  • quick scheduling, off calendar

  • no IMMEDIATE Session fees



Once you have purchased your package, you will receive a welcome letter from me with information on how to book your appointments along with your syllabus for your class.



  • For the purchaser ONLY.
  • Conscious COACHING is intended for one person's personal healing, learning & self-realization journey. 
  • Sessions may be rescheduled with 24hr notice (or forfeited) but may not be shared with another. 
  • If additional time is added on to a session, it will be billed at the regular hourly rate with an invoice to follow the appointment unless agreed upon otherwise.  
  • Any session/minutes not used within 1 year or incurs a NO-SHOW will be considered forfeited and an email will be sent for your records.  
  • Once purchased, the Conscious COACHING is non-refundable, and payment may only be used towards credit.  
  • If for whatever reason, Jeannine Kim cannot fulfill the remaining sessions, you will receive a refund for the amount unused.  
  • Upon your purchase of Conscious COACHING, all terms are agreed to.

Conscious COACHING | Package 1

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