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ANCESTRAL Alchemy: release ancient samsara

dissolve patterns | access masteries


Part 1 | Biological

Part 2 | Adopted/Chosen


8 weeks | 90min Sessions

  • to be used within 4 mos
  • sessions not meant to be shared
  • may continue with ONGOING or individual sessions if lineages are not complete


ALL who have come before us, in more ways than we may know.  our history lives - in our body, our language, our DIS-ease, our choices, our love.  the life consciously embodied is THE portal, the container, the one invited to create a CLEAR continuum of peace, grace, awareness...

with all that has come before to all that is yet to come.


are you ready to?...

  • RELEASE the lingering wounds, inherited traumas & repetitive storylines

  • EMBRACE the masteries, gifts, support, and blessings in your lineage which are ready to be active & alive within you today

together we will

  • TRANSFORM the Historic Energetic foundation which supports & feeds you

  • RE-ESTABLISH how you hold the hi-stories in your life

  • CONNECT to the lineage of your people thru Ritual & personal elemental focus

  • COMPLETE the lingering ancestral dynamics

​Part 1 | BIOLOGICAL Ancestors

  • THROUGH MEDITATION: tending to & integrating of the 4 directions/elements of our micro BIOLOGICAL family lines who have birthed us, rooted us, held us, formed us.  that of our mothers & fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, siblings & forward to our children & all future generations

Part 2 | ADOPTED/CHOSEN Ancestors​

  • THROUGH MEDIATION:  tending to & integrating of the 4 directions/elements of our micro ADOPTED family lines who raised us, rooted us, held us, and influenced our biology & spirit.  that of our chosen mothers & fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, siblings, & forward to our children & all future generations


  • complete Ancestral lineage healing​




Once you have purchased your Series, you will receive a welcome letter from me with information on how to book your appointments along with your syllabus for your class.



  • For the purchaser ONLY.
  • The ANCESTRAL Alchemy Series is intended for one person's personal healing, learning & self-realization journey. 
  • Sessions may be rescheduled with 24hr notice (or forfeited) but may not be shared with another. 
  • If additional time is added on to a session, it will be billed at the regular hourly rate with an invoice to follow the appointment unless agreed upon otherwise.  
  • Any session not used within 4 mos or a NO-SHOW will be considered forfeited and an email will be sent for your records.  
  • Once purchased, the ANCESTRAL Alchemy Series is non-refundable and payment may only be used towards credit.  
  • If for whatever reason Jeannine Kim cannot fulfill the remaining sessions you will receive a refund for the amount unused.  
  • Upon your purchase of ANCESTRAL Alchemy Series, all terms are agreed to.

ANCESTRAL Alchemy: Adopted/Chosen Ancestors | PART 2

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