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the unknown you

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

channel for the week of 8.13 - 8.19.18

Ready? You have never been more ready. Never. Being here, arriving to the edge of pure alignment, you can feel the current...swift, immediate, abrupt even...but oh so alive! This force of life is undeniable and cannot be ignored. And you, have never been more ready.

Stepping into this type of moment, requires an entirely different mindset, compared to the journey of longing for it. There is a Native American teaching on how there are moments in our lives where we are meant to observe the rush of the river, we watch, learn, become one with it from within. Then there is the moment where we are meant to jump in and learn by becoming one with the river's flow, from without. This is that moment.


Connecting with the creative flow that has awakened, requires us to change directions, change our perch, our perspective and that can be really scary...even when every step taken was intending for this new moment. Letting go of a familiar way of being, and the familiar beings that hang with us, requires deep courage and devotion to something greater than ourSelves.

Actually, our devotion isn't necessarily to something greater than ourSelves, but it is a devotion to ourSelves in our greatest unknown version. Understanding this, we can see that we are committed then completely to our evolution, drawn to our becoming, flowing into an expanded awareness. In that trust and belief alone, we connect with Source and it's wisdom, as it is our wisdom, and we align, allowing self-realization to take hold yet again.


Letting go of people, places, things, old pieces of Self, isn't really a 'letting go of ' forever. Forever only exists in the creating and having of the experience with those forms...and those experiences have already been formed, played with, made eternal. Forever is built in then. It is inherent in the flow within the form and in every step we take.

Then, just as this moment holds within it every step ever taken, every choice ever made, every pause, every no, every yes, every known and so much of the unknown, then so do we. When we jump in, drifting forward in the endless river of creation, the gifts of the people, places, things, old pieces of Self that we have experienced, fuel our expanding embodiment...and through their imparted essence, move with us into forever.

this week...

This week...take a moment to stand at the edge of the rushing current now in front of you. Pause. Breathe ever so deeply, taking it all in. Hear the flow calling you. It is the greatest love of Self you have ever known. The first step is all that longs to be answered to.

This week...take a moment to realize who you are just right now...who is the culmination that is you. Reflect. Grow your heart with the fullness of every drop of soul essence you have ever encountered. Pour out your gratitude and devote yourSelf to more.

When you are ready, and you are, jump. It is not an unknown place you are going to, only the unknown you.

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