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5D Astrology

full reading


receive clear, grounded insight to support ongoing, sustainable transformation.

the placement of the planets within our Self-chosen birth chart reflects who we are, where our soul has been, and our path of highest intention for this lifetime.


  • journey into the signatures of your birth chart

  • hear messaging through tarot & intuition

  • explore your scripted life patterns

  • discover the newer 5D planetary archetypes & what that means for you

  • map out your current chart activations/transits

  • get clear about upcoming transits & how best to support & grow with them

  • tap into soul purpose, karma, dharma, past lives, future potentials, relationships, astrocartography & ...

  • uncover your more significant role within family & relationship dynamics

  • go anywhere you would like to know...

receive a free HIGHTAIL recording of our live session



​40min - 222$

60min - 333$

80min - 444$
90min - 500$

2 hour - 600$ 


(18 yrs & under)

30min - 105$

60min - 210$


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outside the U.S. | Klarna

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