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a few messages from INTOtheMYSTIC...

Into the Mystic was like sitting at the Last Supper with my past lives—a communion, but also a
reckoning. Those deepest and darkest parts of my soul that met me, so as to free me…and it
was under the brilliant, loving and thoughtful care of my soul sister traveler and mentor,
Jeannine, who takes the reckoning and delivers it with Grace. It’s hard to describe how every
session heals those wounded and tender spots, long buried, carried on from life to life—and
somehow lifts them into a new level of understanding. Each deep dive, unearths those places that you can now meet, say hello to, and set free. It was also a path to understanding aspects of myself that never made sense, but that were there—lurking in the shadows—creating
unnecessary confusion.
My experience was nothing less than profoundly healing. But it was the kind of healing that felt
like a shortcut through this dense forest—arriving at a meadow shown to me by Jeannine. As a
master, mentor, guide, and friend—she showed me that there is nothing to be afraid of and you
are never alone.

Lisa Garza

the Bay Area

You have changed my life.

Andrea S., Glenview, IL

I refer to myself now as Old Ann and New Ann.

That is how significant my 

transformation has been 

since embarking on my own journey of

Into The Mystic!


Old Ann, New Ann.

To me, that in itself is 



I have completed Parts 1 & 2

and hope to do Part 3 at some point.

But for now I am still processing and

integrating the many truths & insights I discovered,

unearthed (so many lifetimes)

and gained about myself.


Prior to taking this journey, I asked Jeannine

numerous times about Into The Mystic

Her answer was always the same,

You'll know when you're ready...

And yes, finally, I knew it was time.


The voyage was not always an easy one for me

There were many times of tears and sorrow.

Emotions came in waves, with physical tangible

reactions (body heat, cold, chills)

With deep awakening, deep

awareness, you get both sides, deep sadness.


I started this trek while going through a 

particularly trying period in my life.

It helped me through some dark 

hours/days/weeks and months.

It brought light to corners which needed 


Slowly I felt the layers being pulled away,

the heaviness lifted.

The pieces of the puzzle began to fall

into place.


I am and will be forever changed.

Old Ann, New Ann

I couldn't be more grateful for the



Ann L

Modesto, CA

How can I put into words what I believe is the most powerful healing and teaching I’ve ever experienced of the dozens and dozens of tools, techniques and trainings I’ve explored in my life. Thanks to this great Oracle and Healer, Jeannine, life for me has become this incredible adventure, whether drama, trauma or calm, a mystery unfolding to show me the beauty in every moment, perfectly designed for my evolutionary growth, a chance to stand in my truth, to witness my own awakening. Into the Mystic has inspired an ongoing practice of tuning inwards to find self compassion, deepen connections with family, friends and colleagues, and experience awe and wonder as I begin to flow with consciousness. Humbly and eternally grateful for the great fortune of crossing paths with this eternal gift of love.

Shalini Verma



I felt blocked, caged, under a cloud. I was dealing with job stress, intimidating management, heavy office politics, feelings of betrayal, shame, feeling censored at work. I haven’t felt joy and levity in years — I don’t know where my joy went perhaps into the monotony of corporate life. Often I would see glimpses of my former “living” self, full of energy, vitality, and spunk, but didn’t know why she wouldn’t return. I had grown fearful of speaking my voice, but I could feel the frustration building. I had stopped writing my poetry and fiction. I had stopped journaling. On top of all of that, my body was complaining about all the stress in new, more severe ways. 



The video sessions with Jeannine felt safe and open. Jeannine had created a blank slate upon which I began unwinding my feelings and thoughts. Initially, we calibrated — through discussion and review of my natal chart, I felt that Jeannine began to understand me at a soul level. This was both inspiring and reassuring and established trust at the deepest level. Once we delved into the ancient experiences and trauma that had shaped my being, I began to feel differently. My body began to feel lighter and emptier, my mind clearer, my thoughts more inspired, and my emotions more alive. I began to experience my emotions instead of just “thinking I was having an emotion”. I began to see how my inner world was reflected in my outer world — and that I had the ability to change the story.



I feel light and free again — after years of feeling blocked and heavy. I am more inspired to follow my intuition. Jeannine helped me to come to terms with my own powers of observation/intuition, and this in turn inspired me to take action and move fully into the flow of my destined life. I am more confident than ever before The sky is the limit — I owe a debt of gratitude to this wonderful wise guide, Jeannine!

Neeta, CA

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