what they're saying...

"You have changed my life."

~ Andrea S., Glenview, IL

"Getting readings from Jeannine is like praying, and then having God answer in English."

~ L.W., New York, N.Y.

"So a few years ago, I was an Esthetician at Ten Thousand Waves in Santa Fe, NM. The word amongst the therapists, and TTW employs over 100 therapists, was that Lee was married to an incredibly accurate Clairvoyant named Jeannine. I had no idea that life was about to look very different than what it did back then. Her reading is what inspired me to move out to San Diego, which was a gift, and I’m so extremely grateful for her!"

~ Amanda M., San Diego, CA.

"Everything is so spot-on accurate and perfect, it's mind-bending!"

~ Beverly M., Jonesboro, AR.

"I have been entrusting Jeannine for about a decade now with intuitive spiritual readings and her ability to articulate and inspire is what stands her apart from others. The Taurus 5-D Rising Sign Birthday Scope felt like it was created for my ears only. I laughed out loud as the Mantra for Taurus is "I am Home". I have been using "I am safe in my body" intuitively on my own since summer. This reading is one I will re-listen to as the year unfolds as a tool to re-inspire my internal motivation while checking in on my progress as a evolutionary being. Jeannine is personable, quick, inspiring and believes so deeply in your capacity to do your work. I appreciate her consistency over the years."

~ G.S., Squamish, B.C., Canada

"Jeannine's work rings true to my spirit.  She spoke to what I have always felt to be true within me, especially what I am going through now.  Her reading has given me the courage to step forward and no longer wait for tomorrow.  Thank you Jeannine!  You are a guiding light."

~ Saanvi P., Mumbai, India

"I love listening to the recordings of your readings . . . even the 10,000th time I listen.  You know I make them a very special event in my home.  I set the mood . . . eye of newt, shew stone, scrying pool, face the north, garlic, a little notorious b.i.g. in the background . . . I really really have quite the scene going on."

~ L.Z., Santa Fe, N.M.


"The clearing was amazing and deeply penetrating.  Such validation...Thank you so much love, you are a precious being of light, love and guidance."

~ Diane W., OH.

"What can I say?  I hope you know how grateful I am to have you in my life.  How much I admire and adore you!  What a spectacular reading this morning.  Of course have been replaying it in my mind over and over and over again!"

~ L.L., Naples, Italy

"Thanks again Jeannine!  People keep asking me what is going on with me today because I seem so blissed out on peace and empowerment and my own energy.  I might have to make a habit out of readings, it was really so insightful and enlightening."

~ E.W., Santa Fe, N.M.

"An extrasensory spiritual message, effortlessly blended with the wisdom from 5D Astrology and all wrapped up with deep transformative breathwork, is a MUST-HAVE experience. You feel like Jeannine is speaking directly to your life. Whether you start your journey with a Birthday Scope that leads into a Private Session, consider Jeannine to be powerfully authentic and exceptionally gifted.  Congratulations my friend, you have created a one-of-a-kind intuitive healing program."

~ Jyl A., Frankfurt, Germany

"My first reading with Jeannine came at a time in my life when I needed guidance. Jeannine not only gave me guidance; she gave me a joyful, positive experience that truly made me view my life and my future with more optimism and peace. My reading opened my eyes to aspects of myself that I was aware of, but which had been lurking in the shadows. I hung up the phone with a huge smile on my face, and am so thankful for what Jeannine was able to do for me. And we only talked for an hour! Thank you so much!"

~ Monica D., San Jose, CA.


"I just loved listening to you in your craft, learning as you guided us through the teaching and then receiving you through the cards and spirit as it guided you. I honestly felt like I was having a personal reading and then would remember that we were ALL having that experience, and how cool THAT was. I thought the Transformational Breathwork was incredible, and haven't done one in some time so I forgot how altering it could be. Your voice and tone with us was just right, keeping us going, allowing us to have our own paces too....What a gift you are!"

~ Susan Olesek, San Francisco, CA.

"Just listened to my reading recording and wanted to say how wonderful you are!  Not only do you have a gift and talent, but your exuberance comes through as well.  And there are not enough exuberant people in the world these days!"

~ P.P., Santa Fe, N.M.

"I so enjoyed the Annual Birthday Sun and Sun Rising & Healing Readings recently, as always hearing Jeannine's voice and the message she so clearly delivers brings such joy! I close my eyes when I listen, deepening the feeling that Jeannine is in the room speaking directly to me. These Readings brought clarity to some of the issues I have been dealing with during this year and guidance to go forward. Jeannine is extraordinary, I know I always have a place to go when I desire deeper wisdom, to move through a hurdle or be showered with Jeannine's special light & love! The Breathwork and meditation that come along with the Readings are very powerful and transformational,  I have gone back to them numerous times. I plan to do this annually as a birthday gift to myself!! Thank you Jeannine for sharing your amazing gift!"

~ Ann L., Modesto, CA.

"My readings with Jeannine have been amazingly accurate.  Her delightful way of explaining Spirit's messages really resonates with me and makes it easier to understand my next steps to take."

~ Lois D., TX.