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  1. WHAT'S NEW is NEW! ~ Each month check-in for updates on the monthly resonance, specials, new offerings, THE TRIBE'S OM Audio Episodes & other cool healing stuff. January.  Celebrating our SOLAR & LUNAR NEW YEAR of THE METAL

  2. OM is NEW! in the TRIBE - Receive a new Audio Episode each month for all offerings in OM, by way of THE VILLAGE.  OM is a part of the TRIBE membership THE VILLAGE is where to find all things TRIBE.  The ongoing Episodes are insightful, fun & excellent tools to support your journey of Self-discovery and realization.  Om is in addition to all other Healing Channels & updates.  OM includes, THE INNER SKY SERIES ~ Learn 5D Astrology the easy way.  ENERGETIC RESONANCE SERIES ~ How to understand & consciously live with our Energetic Selves.  HEALING MEDITATIONS ~ Clarified resonant Healing Meditations for the monthly Channeled and Astrological theme.  HEALING RESOURCES ~ Where to get my most favorites things.  

  3. OM ~ January content:

    • THE INNER SKY SERIES - Why Astrology?, 3d/5d, what's the diff?, The importance of the Sun, Moon, and Rising signs in your chart. (19:04 min) (Each TRIBE member receives a free copy of their own BIRTH CHART with 5D planets, to play with as we go.)

    • ENERGETIC RESONANCE SERIES - What is Energetic Resonance? & A grounding practice. (20:14min)

    • OM ~ HEALING MEDITATIONS - New beginnings foundational meditation. (21:07 min)

    • OM ~ HEALING RESOURCES - My favorite things can be found here.  From instructional, books, supplements/herbs, body therapy, spirit therapy, mind therapy, emotional therapy, healing connections, etc...


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