theSAMADHI Session

theSAMADHI Session

a session for our times.

it is time to remember.

it is time to choose.


in theSAMADHI Session...

  • CLEAR, INITIATE & FIRMLY ANCHOR your most evolved awareness 

  • RELEASE & TRANSCEND your dense karmic timelines

  • ELEVATE the current resonance aligning with your dharmic path

  • DIRECTION for up to 3 YES or NO questions (if you don't have questions, we can still do the session)

  • RECEIVE as a one time session or for on-going alignments & check-ins

Each Session is 30-40min, done remotely, including a 10-15min HIGHTAIL audio response within a week.  

This is a scheduled long distance healing, NOT a call-in session.


A HIGH-FREQUENCY 6th dimension & beyond Energetic Healing/Shift  aligning you with your highest in-body potential REMOVED from any stuck ANCIENT karmic timelines and attached psychic threads.

You will ALSO receive:

1. The name & realm of your current Master Teacher/Guide along with an initiation to activate more consciously your connection with them.

2. A clearing of the traumas, wounds, misunderstandings, old dynamics of your current life's timeline/theme.

3. Clearing & insight of the past lives which are no longer relevant to your current timeline/theme.

4. Insight & activation of the Masteries from past lives which will most positively support you in this moment.  

5. The initiation of your MOST CLEAR

DHARMIC evolutionary path/timeline for this moment.

6. Answers to 3 YES/NO questions.

Within a week from your scheduled remote session, a 10-15min audio summary with INSIGHT TO all of the above, along with a YES or NO response to your 3 questions will be sent via HIGHTAIL.


1. Click the above green SAMADHI button to complete your invoice.

2. EMAIL with your 3 YES/NO questions within 2 days of your purchase.

3. You will receive an email with the date & time of your long-distance session.

4. ON THE DATE OF YOUR SESSION:    no need to be in a meditative state but do be aware of anything you may be feeling, hearing, thinking, sensing. 5. Within a week, an audio summary of your insight will be sent to your email via HIGHTAIL.




BE SURE TO GET OUT INTO NATURE once your session is complete.  A Shower or an Epsom Salt bath is also advised to settle your physical self & into the new subtle energies activated & aligned.  You may connect with your guide often, creating a more conscious relationship with the more eternal aspect of you.

Using the Sacred Clearing of Sushumna BELOW will offer support daily & as you move forward.

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