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Created by Rich Lee Kim & Jeannine Kim


January 4th thru February 1st, 2020


2 - 4 pm MT

ZOOM Meeting


Join me and an intimate group of like-hearted souls, as we take a glimpse into what this limitless realm is all about in a very personal way....by way of you.  This is a 5-week Winter Workshop Series that will introduce you to the curious space that we call Spirit, Source, our Core, our Eternal Nature, All-that-is.  The topics of discovery are:

  • The Energetic/Etheric Realm....how to relate to it & in great awareness of it.

  • The power of forming conscious fundamental relationship with our other 3 bodies....Spiritual, Mental, Emotional...by way of the Physical.

  • Dominant Charkras.  How they create focus and foundation for us for this incarnation.

  • The importance of Knowing ThySelf.  Discovering, witnessing & clearing our Core Chakra.

  • Reading 101....the Sacred Space Within & Reading another, after week 2.

  • Intuitive Insights & healing may take place during each class by way of my work with each attendee.  Be aware of the sharing that may take place...tho, it may not be as intensively descriptive or as long as in Private Session.  No private questions will be addressed.

There are only 10 spots available for this intimate gathering and healing.  This will be done by way of ZOOM Meeting and will require attendance when possible so that Intuitive Readings can be given and shared each week.  If you cannot physically attend on a particular day, the recorded Session will be sent to you however, you will not be able to be included in any Intuitive Reading work that will be done for that class.  All classes will be recorded and sent immediately following.


Once purchased, The Mystic Within Workshop is non-refundable and can only be used towards credit.  If for whatever reason, Jeannine Kim cannot fulfill the remaining classes you will receive a refund for the amount unused.  Upon your purchase of Into the Mystic Series, all terms are agreed to.

    $300.00 Regular Price
    $250.00Sale Price