THE MASTER's PATH OF INITIATION: the initiation of the 5d self

THE MASTER's PATH OF INITIATION: the initiation of the 5d self

6 - 60min Sessions

Once you have purchased your MASTER'S PATH, you will receive a welcome letter from me with information on how to book your apointments along with your Syllabus for your class.



  • The Master's Path of Intiation is intended for one person's personal healing and learning journey. 
  • You will receive THE TRIBE ~ WISDOM membership for 8 weeks.
  • Sessions may be rescheduled with 24hr notice (or forfeited) but may not be shared with another. 
  • If additional time is added on to a monthly Session, it will be billed at the regular hourly rate with an invoice to follow the appointment.  
  • Any Session not used will be forfeited and an email will be sent for your records.  
  • Once purchased, The Master's Path of Intiation is non-refundable and can only be used towards credit.  
  • If for whatever reason, Jeannine Kim cannot fulfill the remaining Sessions you will receive a refund for the amount unused.  
  • Upon your purchase of The Master's Path of Intiation, all terms are agreed to.


Thank you & I am truly excited for our journey together!


    ~temet nosce~

    jeannine kim


    santa fe, new mexico

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