SOUL MAP LIFETIME ~ 50min Private Audio Episode w/1 Question

SOUL MAP LIFETIME ~ 50min Private Audio Episode w/1 Question

Give clarity to yourSelf or a friend.



To see yourSelf fully?

The path to Self-Realization, to Enlightenment...IN-light-withIN-ment...

is one that is filled with letting go, til all that remains is Truth.  At the

moment of birth, that Self-chosen Soul Truth becomes, as our

Birth Chart.  Can we allow ourSelves to be with that Truth,

embrace it, embody it, live it?  

SOUL MAP LIFETIME reveals what we are here to realize

about our deepest TRUTH & how we can align with it in

this very moment.  Your soul purpose, core wounds and

greatest dynamics will be discovered here by way of:

  • An Intuitive Channel for you

  • OSHO Zen Tarot Reading

  • 1 Question/Topic answered 

  • Personal 5D Astrological Overview

(Your date, time & place of birth is needed

Pleae EMAIL to

once your purchase is made along with

your question.​)

This is pre-recorded personal Audio Episode, sent to

your email via HIGHTAIL within 7-10 days of receipt o

f your birth info & Question/Topic. 

This is NOT a call-in Session. 




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