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©2001-2019 Jeannine Kim Intuitive Healer.
Created by Rich Lee Kim & Jeannine Kim

NEW YEAR SATSANG ~ 2019 The Bearable Lightness of Being

Welcome to 2019...the year of The Bearable Lightness of Being.  In 2019, we embark on a journey of living with our light as never before. The etheric support that surrounds our light embodiment has never been stronger, more ready, more heard. All it needs now...our most daring surrender to our deepest truth.


In this 90min Satsang we cover:

~ Mantra for 2019 based on the 5D Astrological sky.

~ A 5D Astrological look back at 2018 and it's deeply personal meaning to us, how we can best move our newly transformed Selves into the events of 2019 and stabilize our path with the upcoming extraordinary shifts of 2020.

~ An Intuitive Reading with Osho Zen Tarot for 2019 broken down by season, astrological sign, and body on the Cosmic Clock...

  • Spiritual Body-end of December thru end of February-Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.
  • Mental/Concsicousness Body-end of February thru end of June-Aries, Taurus, Gemini.
  • Emotional/Sub-Conscious Body-end of June thru end of August-Cancer, Leo, Virgo.
  • Physical Body-end of August thru end of December-Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius.

~ Transformational Breathwork Session to accelerate release/receive, resetting the nervous system to the newly formed consciousness.

~ Guided Meditation specifically channeled for the messages delivered within Satsang for this year of 2019 and all of those connecting with the event.  Healing, clearing and grounding, supporting the let-go of 2018 and the rebirth of 2019.  


Enjoy this channel, insight and healing.  Listen to again and again for continued support.  It was meant for you.  With Love into the greatest year yet of our expansion.