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MOON MONTHLY ~ 'Silence' - New Scorpio & Full Taurus cycle 10.27thru11.26.19

48 minute Audio Episode

A Reading & Healing Episode for those that are called to connect with the Moon Report for October 27 thru November 26. 2019.

Tap into the Astrological Wisdom along with a Channel of frequency support and healing speaking to the sub-conscious aspect of who we are, for the month ahead.  This Moon part of us is the majority of where all of our creation comes from...95%.  There is deep importance to tap this insight and work with it monthly.


This Moon Month...

pluto & the pinky-swear promise

each of us has the scorpio archetype within.  it may not be your sun, moon or rising, but it is there.  the great transformer with its relentless call towards the deepest truth.


pluto is the ruler of scorpio and has come home to its solar return with a promised new beginning for every one of us.  where is it in your chart that your deepest truth is calling for its day in the sun?


scorpio is nothing if its not deep.  it stands naked in the only thing it knows, the unobstructed purity of eternal wisdom and the pinky-swear promise we made to ourSelves as we began this incarnation.

which was to




renew with,

recalibrate towards




pluto is the ultimate representation of how scorpios roll.  historically /by belief/, scorpios have been known as intense, secretive...both of which could be seen by some as quite off-putting.  but that intensity & secrecy has been misunderstood by both the holder and observer,  cuz all pluto has ever had in its pockets is....

deep, core, pure, TRUTH. 

and what is so intense about that?



it was only when we committed to the conscious journey to pluto, did we discover that pluto is all heart, a pure heart even, (see pic above) shy to show but absolutely there to be seen, none-the-less. 


one glimpse and we were eternally transformed.

yep, there it is again, transform.

scorpio's middle name.


let's embrace this potent pinky-swear promise as it is here in the raw, for our eternal benefit, with the message it has brought for this scorpionic time...



toward our