FALL EQUINOX ~ The Mariana Trench: MASTERING the Sea of Love 9.22 thru 12.21.20

FALL EQUINOX ~ The Mariana Trench: MASTERING the Sea of Love 9.22 thru 12.21.20

(1 hour Audio Episode)



Mastering the Sea of Love

9.22 - 12.21.2020


“When you walk, arrive with every step. That is walking meditation.

There's nothing else to it.  When we return to our breathing, we return to the present moment, our true home.” 

~ thich nhat hanh


This Fall Season, we are all invited to take each of our small steps with great leaps of faith, open-hearted eyes and a soul-rooted willingness.  Being with each breath so completely, so fully, supports us to courageously lean into this momentum of becoming that is...



Collectively and personally we are moving deeply into an undiscovered wholeness of self, moment by moment with our inner guidance as our only visible TRUE compass.  That strength we are coming to know thru pure connection is unveiling a potential we had only once imagined for ourselves and our world. 


The more pressure 'out there', the greater the requirement of structure within, building as we go, no looking back.  Letting go, letting go, letting go... and, the frequency of evolved, sustainable integrity enters.  What is to be revealed at those depths will be a site to behold & to become.


December 21st...the Winter Solstice...is the Gateway of the Aquarian Age with Jupiter (physical wisdom, natural law, expansion, karmic-clearing) in a new beginning Saturn (man-made structure, security, authority, karmic beginnings) at zero Aquarius (dharma, enlightenment, spiritual love, genius). 

An ancient destiny awaits to be made manifest.

Will we let it in?

Depends on what we are holding onto. 

Will we see it?

Depends on which direction we are looking.  


In the SPECIAL EVENT AUDIO EPISODE a channel is brought thru to navigate this extraordinary space we are living.


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