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breakdown to breakthrough

dissolve patterns | access masteries

INTOtheMYSTIC is the Sacred Art of Shamanic Soul-Retrieval.  a reunification at the core level, shifting the subconscious platform from which you build this life.  tap your sacred guidance in every moment & forever change how you intuitively BE in your world.  This is a journey for everyone.


are you ready to?...

  1. LIVE every moment thru your intuitive direction

  2. TAKE OWNERSHIP OF your WholeSelf alignment & soul masteries

  3. LEAD SELF FIRST through Spirit then others, from your most clear space within

  4. DEEPLY TRANSFORM the foundation of your life

  5. 'BE the change...'

together we will

  • EXPLORE & DISSOLVE each chakra's initial wound thru past lives

  • BRING TO LIFE the ancient source of your current life patterns, trauma, & wounds 

  • ACTIVATE & INTEGRATE your innate soul masteries

  • AWAKEN, HARNESS & NURTURE your Intuition

  • ENERGETICALLY STRENGTHEN all 4 bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical)

  • SHARPEN the tools needed to GROUND your current spiritual work

  • ANCHOR what you come to know, into your everyday life in tangible, practical ways

what they're saying

Part 1 | Clearing the Container

  • deep dive the root wound of each chakra & more....

Part 2 | Embodying Empty recommended

  • integration of your new resonance

  • learn & practice the art of intuitive reading, OHSO tarot, mediumship, remote viewing & more...


  • continued personal support​​


schedule HERE

for your free 15min consultation



Part 1 & 2

7 weeks | 2hr Sessions


(per part)

use within 4 months


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