1:1 mentoring

hero's journey

the unified Self

a 1:1 mentoring journey designed to awaken, harness & nurture your Intuition, by way of personal alignment within your SPIRITUAL & EMOTIONAL bodies. deep conscious exploration & clearing of each chakra's initial wound will take place thru Intuitive work, your Birth Chart, active timeline completions & energetic wholing.  receive theMYSTIC's tools to INTEGRATE & GROUND your current spiritual work, weaving what you have come to know INTO your everyday life in tangible, practical ways.   the INTOtheMYSTIC Series taps the Sacred art of Shamanic Soul-Retrieval...a reunification at the core level, shifting the sub-conscious platform from which you build this full life, while adjusting your Karmic momentum & Light Body Merkaba...

forever changing how you intuitively BE in your world. 


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Part 1 - Clearing the Container

  • deep dive the root wound of each chakra, extract & clear the themes which have been driving this existence

Part 2 - Embodying Empty optional

  • integration of your new clear resonance with current life experiences & habits while consciously engaging with the sacred eternal observer within

  • learn & practice the art of Intuitive Reading, OHSO Tarot, Mediumship, Remote Viewing

Part 3, 4 & ongoing - Living the ALIGNMENT optional

  • practice & support to integrate newly developed rituals

Part 1, 2, 3
7-2hr Sessions

per part

ONGOING 3, 4 & beyond

3-2hr or 6-1hr


7-2hr Sessions


each part must be used within 6 months

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