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  • full session


    Full Sessions are offered from 24hrs of your request up to the next available online booking, WHEN POSSIBLE. 


    HOW TO

    • EMAIL or TXT your name & how long of a session desired (40, 60, 80min).

    • your response EITHER WAY to the session options you receive, must be within 15min or the offering will no longer be available.

    • PayPal invoice is to be completed immediately upon receipt.

    • cannot cancel or change once time is agreed upon or entire session fee will be forfeited.



  • mini session


    Gotta question?  Perfect for direction, quick insight, just checking in.

    TEXT 1 Question and receive a short TXT response within 48 hours.  **Established clients only (have had a prior 40min. session). 


    HOW TO​

    • Click the TXT1 button to complete the invoice.

    • TXT1 Question along with your name to 505.699.8008.

    • A TXT response will arrive within 48 hrs of your TXT question.

    • Responses given from 9am-9pm MT.​​​



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  • mini session


    TEXT 2 Questions (or 1 Question with 2 parts) and receive a 8-10 minute VoiceMail response within 48 hours.     **Established clients only (have had a prior 40min. session). 


    HOW TO​

    • Click the TXT2 button to complete the invoice.

    • TXT2 Questions along with your name to 505.699.8008.

    • A call or calls from 505.699.8008 will arrive within 48 hours of your TXT, let it go to VoiceMail.

    • Responses given from 9am-9pm MT.​



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  • mini session


    EMAIL up to 3 Questions (or 1 Question with 3 parts) or request an Energetic Check-in and within 72 hours receive a 15 minute in-depth, HIGHTAIL recorded response with an overview of this moment in time.  **Established clients only (have had a prior 40min. session). 


    HOW TO

    • Click the EMAIL3 button to complete the invoice.

    • EMAIL3 Questions to


    • Receive your HIGHTAIL response within 72 hrs.






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