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Intuitive Reading


The SUBconscious Self continuously creates the foundational aspects of our lives.  Receive clarity by uncovering & consciously working with that which lies deep within.  Past lives, present intentions, future experiences, practical wholistic counsel.

Unify with an energy clearing & wholing for physical, mental, emotional & spiritual alignment. 

Your session includes a HIGHTAIL recording.

Solar Eclipse

5D Astrology


The placement of the planets within our Self chosen birth chart reflects who we are, where our soul has been, and our path of highest intention for this lifetime.

Receive channeled insight & intuitive understanding as we explore your unique planetary patterns from our local star system along with our newer 5D planetary archetypes.  Individual & RELATIONSHIP sessions. 

(up to 4 charts total)

Your session includes a HIGHTAIL recording.

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For those 19 years old & younger.

Choose an Intuitive Session or 5D Astrology Session to bring insight and support in an accessible way to the young ones in our lives, as they move along their personal paths of discovery.

Your session includes a HIGHTAIL recording.