a last word...

'how do I integrate spirituality into my everyday life?
throw out the concept of "spiritual life" and "everyday life".
there is only one life, undivided and whole.'


Schedule your session time plus 10 minutes, giving us space to settle in and connect our energy initially.

You may bring as many questions as you like and no question is off limits.  Many clients have said that their questions were answered without ever having to ask them, all from the initial message that takes place at the very beginning of their session.  So, if you don't have any questions, that is fine too...you will always walk away with the exact insight that you need.


We are all just energy, so whether we come together in physical form or over the phone, SKYPE or email, it is always the energy that is called in and connected with for your session.  Very much like the way I am able to connect with those who have passed or someone currently in your life you have a question about, I connect with the energetic form.  Long-Distance Reiki Healings are also done from this very understanding.


Even if we were to have a session in person, there is nothing physically about you that will assist me in the information or insight I receive or share with you.  The way I see it, we are all just a slice of the bigger pizza, or...the chosen avatar of our master gamer, or...the more focused version of our vaster Selves.


My information comes through as a stream of consciousness from energy tapped into and woven through this physical realm but vibrating at another level.  I achieve the same frequency of it through emptying myself, becoming emotionally neutral and intending deeply for higher consciousness immersion.  I feel it is the space between worlds, touching both and allowing me a more fluid open existence, easier to connect and receive.


From my perspective, who I hear all stems from the same feeling-tone...it is a peace, bliss, and infinite humming love...if words can even describe.  This feeling-tone may show in the form of your vaster Self, a Spirit Guide, Source 'directly' or a loved one that has departed.  It is always my sensory system that is capturing the insight, as in a feeling/emotion, a vision, actual formed words or even scents, all meant to be translated through my conscious ability.

To describe it, it would be as if I asked you to recall an emotionally impactful moment in your life, a fun memory, a favorite song, poem or your favorite food...tastes and smells included.  How that memory recall happens within you to be translated by you, is no different to how I receive my messages for my work.  My sensory system, mind included, is being utilized as a conduit, a receiver of sorts, a telephone on your behalf.  

I firmly believe we all have this ability, it is just a matter of practice (this life and/or many others) along with continual and deep commitment to Self-Realization with release and lots of TRUST, as it is not a logical way to be.

A great example of this would be that of a dog whistle.  As humans, we cannot hear that particular spectrum of sound...does that mean it does not exist?  To us no, not now anyways but to an evolved or expanded listener like our four legged buddies, it sure does.


Then there are times in which I feel an outside presence as a weight around me or as if someone is standing behind, next to or in front of me and very often with an accompanying emotion, through Mediumship.  This is when our loved ones or even an ancestor that we have never physically met is looking to let us know they are present, learning, watching, supporting and expanding because of and for our existence.  Sometimes they just want to say hi.


Connecting with the departed can be an initiated endeavor or they will just show up on their own accord.  There have been times though that they are called from us to connect and there is no response.  It feels then as if they are not ready or that they know to create space from us so we learn to adjust without them but they are always there as Universal Consciousness.

Be sure to read the question right before this one for and expanded view on how I connect with the other side.


3D & 5D refers to the vibrational 'Dimensions' we are living within.  All spiritual ideas aside, in 2011 NASA refers to the 4th dimension as one of 'space-time'.  CLICK HERE for an account of the epic discovery!

The 3D is a denser (tho not less important) aspect of the Earth plane and also known to hold the frequency of love VS. fear, light VS. dark or separation consciousness, with 'Versus' being the operative word.  5D is a higher vibrating field that draws to it is mirrored energetic resonance/similar energy, that of Unification. As we 'pan out' and get a larger glimpse of things from this expanded 5th dimensional perspective, we adjust and begin to consciously see everything as one, unifying love with fear, light with dark, healing, wholing...awakening Unity Consciousness.  The dark side and light side of the Moon are both the Moon, not just the light side.  This is what we are NOW evolving into, just as those before us have brought us here.

There are also other dimensions both measurable and immeasurable beyond these.


Time is merely a measure of space.  There is only ever...NOW.  When I prepare for each group session, whether pre-recorded Satsang or Intuitive Healing thru YouTube, the intention is always set for a deeply personal message and healing for all who engage in the energetic exchange through purchase or connection.  The purchase or connection choice is your intention, your commitment to the space, your openness to receiving and inclusion energetically for the Reading and Healing.  Spirit always knows who then is in the collective for that recording...whenever NOW may be for them.


In Sanskrit, Satsang is defined as spiritual discourse or a sacred gathering.

At each Satsang we will gather, collectively adding our energetic resonance to the Reading and Healing that will take place within the theme chosen.  Outside of the theme chosen and the 5D Astrological aspects, so much of the Satsang is an Intuitively Channeled experience, set to personally include all that participate through the energetic exchange and commitment of purchase.  (No need to be on the call.) 


Again, there is ever only NOW, so if you are drawn to the theme of a certain Satsang but feel that it is past, think again.  If it resonates, then it is speaking to you on some level and you were counted in the moment it was created.  


There really isn't the 'Past' as there is every only the NOW.  However we do grow and evolve, moving away from something and into another, taking up space.  And....we happen to shed our bodies, so we call it 'Past Lives'.  

Though as I work, I only ever see your energy as the continuum of 'you' and how and why a loop or theme is reappearing and from where. At the core of our essence, we all long to be seen and understood.  So witnessing the initiation point (the 'Past Life') of the experience frees it, changes it, adjusting every moment and cell of being from it, which is why it reveals itself during your session.

Even if you aren't sure if you believe in Past Lives, belief is not needed, as they are merely a way for me to translate a habit that is ancient, stems from your subconscious, and has purpose in your life....whether it is a Mastered Trait or something you would like to transcend.

Another way to approach this understanding is to look at how we, as human beings are a physical energetic continuum, a central thread that has not skipped a beat in anyway since the beginning of our ancestral line.  A wonderful way to help quantify this a bit is seen through the DNA testing that is out today.  Our DNA from 2,000 years ago can now be tapped and seen awake within us.  It is considered active while some of our DNA markers are considered dormant.

I invite you to consider the energetic implications of that alone, along with the lives that gave birth to and are attached to those specific DNA strands...and how they now run through your system, driving your structure, feeding the foundation of your every thought, every desire and every waking moment of your being.  


There is only ever NOW.  The "future" of anything or anyone is merely a different fluid choice made NOW, expanding us from what has already been.  Often times we find comfort in the certainty of what is or what has been, even if we don't like it.  In these moments, we choose the same, be the same, respond the same...recreating each NOW as the 'past' not the 'future'.  Future is a new choice, and it is only yours to make.


What I can see is what your soul's intention is and how aligned you are with that larger intention for this part of your evolutionary journey.  In seeing that larger dharmic destined potential, I can also see what karma or comfortable familiar patterning is keeping you from it, distracting your vaster focus.  With the clarity of that insight, your focus also gains clarity and a recalibration of sorts which brings your most supportive alignment back online, front and center...reminding you of your natural potential.

As an Intuitive Healer, I see the road within you and without, and I act as your temporary internal GPS, validating the call of your own clarity, your heart, leading you towards the road that is the truest and swiftest to your chosen expansion.  As for your "future" destiny, YOU are always and ever the ONLY driver, choosing which road you would like to take in any given moment.  So, go for it...choose a NEW one!


In an attempt to explain the unexplainable and form the formless, I cannot say if any of my certainties of the 'unknown' are truly certain.  They are though, how I have come to organize and understand them from my own experiences and desire for truth. 


What I do know, is that I am certain there is more beyond what we plainly see, hear, feel, 'know'...it is an actual, perceptible realm that I get the privilege to experience whenever a client calls or a moment in my personal life takes me there.  I invite you to open yourself to experiencing it continually, drop all 'knowing' yet save a bit for interpretation and feel into this unknown.  It is here all around us, equally inhabiting our space of the known...if not more so.  The familiarity of it, once I settle in, tangibly alters my emotions, my mind, my physical body, sending me into timelessness and grace...if those could be tangible, most often taking me awhile to 'land' back here. 


And...I do know for certain, the more I TRUST this 'unknown', this open-ended, indescribable, grace-filled essence, it joyfully takes me further, willingly shows me more and blows.my.mind EVERY time!  Thank goodness right...as if the mind is all there is.