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NOVEMBER HEALING SATSANG ~Traversing the Veil; Walking Between Worlds~

In this month's Satsang we explore the infinite within the finite, the space between this physical existence and beyond. In many cultures, October marks the 'Thinning of the Veil' between worlds. There is so much more aliveness in the 'otherworld' than you ever imagined.
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Oct 28, 2018, 11:00 AM – 12:15 PM
Call-in number will be provided, Santa Fe, NM.

About The Event

In this month's Satsang we explore the infinite within the finite...the space between this physical existence and at times what we feel, sense and receive...coming from beyond all that we deem logical. In many cultures, the end of October marks the 'Thinning of the Veil' between worlds, as in; The Day of the Dead, All Hallows Eve, and All Saints Eve, marking a time when active life in the outside world of summer, shifts to an inner space with winter (from the northern hemisphere perspective). Historically and even today, many connect more deeply at this time with the spirit(s) of nature and our ancestors, both in celebration of them and in calling upon their benevolence for the upcoming dark season. This 'otherworld' is not only available to us during this season of recognition, it is always here for us, with us, calling us to lean into the fluidity of the eternal. Walking day-to-day and hand-in-hand with the idea of death, whatever that may be for you, will create a relationship with it, a personal knowing about it, and a familiarity that will allow you to move much more effortlessly through the Veil, bringing this physical life more to life. There is so much more aliveness in the 'otherworld' than you ever imagined. Hope to connect with you in Satsang!


As our world awakens, we are all brought to the edge of ourselves in order to acknowledge, witness, and understand, with great compassion, all that we are and all that we have ever been. The reflection and practice of this can throw us off our core. Join me and our light collective to work with these potent transformational energies together in a safe, clear, loving space.

All that will be experienced within the event may be used again and again, to support you in finding your own way back to your center. That center is your calm, your core...where your Spirit, THE Spirit that is all of us, lives in its unobstructed purity. Our Satsang will be recorded, so take the tools from this event and strengthen your path back to your Source within, let that become your new normal...again and again. Then let yourself walk through this world, in this time, the most powerful time of awakening and a time which we all have chosen to be the brilliant unified light of Love that you already are. Be open for a very powerful Healing Session.

Prepare for the upcoming Season with...

~ 5D Astrological Insight for the month ahead.

~ A Zen Osho Tarot Reading with Channel for call participants and the Collective.

~ Transformational Breathwork to clear and balance all 4 energetic bodies.

~ Guided Meditation through and Alignment of the Chakra System.

The Satsang will be recorded for continued listening.

All participants will be in listen-only mode.


You may participate live on the conference call

or energetically participate through the recording.

Either way, the clearing, healing, and alignment will be the same.

Excited to connect with you for Satsang!


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